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Upgrading & evolving entrepreneurs are the ones who thrive in the market by getting their small and
medium business online. Going digital is the new high because India has the second-largest small
businesses market, Internet users and smartphone users.

Now floats aims to bring together these three entities in such a way that the businesses are benefitted
at large by going online, attracting local traffic to their websites, managing their product inventory
and responding to customer queries.

NowFloats have got small and medium businesses covered with its flagship app called the Boost 360
–a one-stop solution for online business management.

Boost 360 works in three simple steps of setting up your business-specific website, managing the
content on the website and growing your business by getting in touch with specifically targeted

Boost 360 aids a multitude business sectors, from retail businesses to service sectors. Doctors, clinics
and hospitals, education and coaching sectors, hotels, restaurants and cafes, the tourism industry and
salons can now have their classy websites going up and making their presence online.

Boost 360 takes pride in its features which are very customer friendly and hits right in the head.
With Boost 360, the SMB owners can create specific websites based on their sector of operations.
Time to say good bye to generic websites. No developers required. The business owners can take up
charge of their websites and manage it through the app and web portal. Boost 360 also helps in
setting up social media pages which are linked to the websites for better organic reach.

With its Automated SEO solutions, targeting becomes easy as it pins the customers which are
relevant to your business based on their geographic locations which are in close proximity of the
business operations. The right targeting ensures that the customers interested in your products are
exposed to your website from where they can directly get in touch with you.

Post setting up your business-friendly website and platforms, Boost 360’s app and web portal
ensures hassle-free management of the content on those platforms. You can update the website
content or add a curated product in your retail inventory while on a vacation or traveling to the hills.
Boost 360 also offers insights and analytical trends for what kind of traffic is getting attracted to the
updates you make. It offers meaningful funnels for what is working better and what needs to be

Boost 360 offers smooth payment gateway solutions. If you have the right website and an amazing
product catalog, you have almost caught a lead. However complex payment gateways can lose out a
customer which means losing out on a sale. Boost 360 lets you set up your “Seller Profile” within
minutes where all the features like shopping cart, wish lists, checkout, and payment options are

Boost 360 not only sets up and manages your online presence, but it also offers you with marketing
solutions. It automatically updates your social media pages when you add any new content or a
product to your website. No more updating on multiple social media handles. You are sorted with
just one click.

With its customer support feature, the customers can directly get in touch with you. Based on the
details they provide, business owners can reply back to them and get in touch via call or an email.

If you think your business is doing great offline, we promise that with the right kind of push it will
also, make its mark online.
“If you believe your business has away, we believe that we can give it a direction.” With Boost 360
you will boost your online presence and sales. Get in touch with us today for a free Demo.

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